Pleased to Meet You            

I spent a lot of time facing internal questions in my last blog post, and probably brought you through a journey of mental wandering that you weren’t prepared for, but I do have an update when it comes to concluding that line of thought. You see, in the plumbing industry, it’s not just a matter of doing the same thing day in and day out for decades, as much as it may seem so, and as I may have thought when I first went into this career line. There is quite a learning curve, and an amount of training that continually goes on from time to time when new products or methods are introduced that have enough of an impact on the profession as to warrant a convention of sorts. Now I’m sure the idea that first comes to your mind upon hearing plumbers convention is a non stop thrill ride of a day, but I can assure you, it can be quite boring.

This convention comprised of many individuals in Wilmington plumbing service who were looking to upgrade their skills and knowledge, and as any good company manager will tell you, it’s prudent to take advantage of these sessions whenever possible. I always try to make my way to these events simply to see if I can gain any new information, or to find out more about products that my customers may have come across. There’s nothing worse in my eyes, than supposing to be an authoritative source on something, only to be blindsided with a question that should be within your scope of knowledge, only to have no idea what your customer is talking about. It sets a bad precedent, and makes you look less professional when your client seem to know more about your job than you do.

So I made my way with two employees to this convention and we set up our own little station to make our presence known, and as I scanned the area for other companies in the region, some I knew personally, some were relatively new, I saw the station for the company my newly found cousin worked for. With curiosity getting the better of me, I had to make my way over there to see if I could at least glean a little more information. I approached the desk and asked the gentleman behind there as to whether or not he knew a person by such name that I won’t give out here, and it turned out, I was asking him personally.

This led to a traffic jam at my tongue as I wasn’t sure where to go next, but I brought up my blog, my ideas in researching family, and then dropped the relatable information. He was surprised at first, and then thought I was joking, but after some discussion came to realise I was being earnest. There wasn’t much ado or applause, but it was good to get the information out, and now we’re heading for coffee together to catch up in a few days, non stop thrill rides indeed.