Runs in the Family

Just the other day, I discovered a distant cousin of mine runs a plumbing company, Del Campo Plumbing & Heating, not far from here. I have even heard of him before through customers and other industry professionals, although the name meant little to me then. It’s strange but a little bit funny to me that we have been working in the same profession and the same area all this time without even the slightest idea that somehow we shared a link. It makes me wonder who else out there may turn out to be related to me in some way. Is the nice old lady who calls me every few weeks to unclog cat litter from her toilet actually a long lost great aunt? Is the man who sold me my truck another distant cousin? It really gets you thinking about a lot of things.

First, was it by chance that we are both in the plumbing and heating profession? Or is there some kind of gene that influences members of our family to pick up the plunger? It seems silly, but from what I know, the coincidences seem to be uncanny. His company has a fantastic reputation, and would be one of my main competitors if we shared the same areas of service. Luckily there is only a very small overlap. Some of my customers who recently moved into the area had used his plumbing services previously and spoke highly of his business. I distinctly recall one gentleman comparing the many similarities between our plumbing companies. Back then, I was merely impressed by another quality, honest plumbing service that seemed to share my philosophy. Now, knowing what I do it is almost eerie.

I have yet to make contact with my distant cousin. We are related in a very roundabout way. Part of me wonders if it would be too strange to call him up out of the blue to “reunite”. It is something I will have to mull over for a while. It would be interesting to sit down and talk to him about our family history as well as our plumbing businesses, however. Maybe we can even join up and take over the region.

While I take my time to think over how I would even begin the conversation and introduce myself, here are some quick tips for detecting a leak:

  • Pick a timeframe of 8-10 hours when you will not be using any water. Typically this is best done overnight or while your household sleeps. Check the water meter to get a baseline reading, then check again when the allotted time has passed. If you have not used any water but the reading on the meter has increased, this could indicate an undiscovered leak somewhere.
  • You can check if your toilet is leaking by using food coloring. Place a few drops inside the tank to dye the water. Wait a few minutes to see if the color of the water in your toilet changes. If it does, there is a leak that should be addressed.
  • If you notice wet spots on your lawn, or patches of grass which are greener or quicker to grow than the rest, this may indicate a leak somewhere between the meter and your house.